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We help fire & life safety businesses thrive by empowering people to perform their best work, not busywork.

We know how hard you work. 50-60 hour work weeks are not uncommon, and vacations are hard to come by. There are endless tasks to do, and it's very easy to fall behind or let things fall through the cracks.

We've been there.

We’re a unique team with decades of experience from both the fire & life safety industry and the high-tech software industry. We originally developed a solution to address our own challenges. Now, we're excited to offer our solution to businesses everywhere.

We've helped other businesses:

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Achieve record profits
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Automate > 30 hours of busywork a week
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Get compliments from customers about their new operations
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Founder story

From a young age, I saw firsthand how hard my immigrant parents worked. Their fire & life safety business provided me and my younger brother with an upbringing that lacked nothing.

While my dad secretly hoped that one of us would take over the family business, my parents also wanted us to follow our own paths. My brother developed a love for creative writing, while I became enamored by the craft of software development.

After a decade of working in the high-growth technology sector, I began to see all of the challenges at my parents' business in a new light. Now, I've come full circle to helping my parents and those like them take their businesses to the next level.

Our mighty team is motivated every day by this mission and by our amazing customers, who are among the hardest-working people we know.

—Catherine Lu, CEO of Essential

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