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Grow your business without hiring more staff

Use AI to handle tedious, redundant tasks that plague the back office.

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Automate inspection outreach, job reminders, and more
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Increase your profit by doing more jobs every week
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Free up staff for higher-level responsibilities
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Automate inspection outreach, job reminders, and more
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Increase your profit by doing more jobs every week
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Free up your staff for higher-level work
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Lost profits for average fire & life safety business using limited software automation
Time spent on busywork like manual data entry
Feel familiar?

It's tiring to keep up

Operating your fire & life safety business is taking a toll. The team struggles to complete tasks on time, every time.

At any given point, there may be hundreds of tasks to do, such as reaching out to customers with an upcoming inspection, following up on overdue bills, creating routes for techs, servicing customers based on their preferences, chasing down paperwork, manipulating Excel spreadsheets, and manual data entry between multiple systems.

Hiring more people is tough due to the tight labor market and record inflation. Existing software solutions are expensive, time-consuming to set up, and don’t have a clear return on investment.

Everyone feels overworked and overwhelmed.

Luckily, there's a better way.

a new way to work

Essential is an AI-powered, all-in-one software platform that puts your fire & life safety business on autopilot

Offload your busywork to AI

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Drive more revenue, make your customers happier, and free up your staff for higher-level responsibilities. Automate customer outreach for inspections that are due, appointment reminders, overdue billing reminders, updates to contacts and property access information, and more.

Zero business disruption

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Use on its own or alongside your existing systems; our team will port over data from existing systems and perform the full implementation, for free. Then, get fast support with a dedicated account manager, so you can get unstuck anytime.

Get everything in one place

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Essential is an all-in-one platform that can power your business. Start using Essential as the main software of choice, or transition more workflows to Essential over time. Gain increased efficiency and powerful automations across multiple parts of your business.

3 easy steps

Your roadmap to success

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Get a personalized demo to learn how Essential can help your business. We'll also use the time to determine if we're a good mutual fit to work together.

Step 2
Free implementation

Our team will set up Essential with your business’s data and configurations, allowing you to see Essential in action with minimal time and money invested.

Step 3
Monitor & grow

Sit back and monitor Essential. Drive more revenue and profit, and free up your staff for higher impact work.

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all-in-one platform

What you get with Essential

Powerful AI to end busywork

Create AI workflows, like automating the collection of inspection approvals, to boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

Smart scheduling so you get onsite faster

Plan better routes in less time to book more jobs each week, driving revenue.

Digital paperwork so you can go paperless

Quickly create digital paperwork in the exact format as your business likes to increase efficiency and communication with customers, for more efficient operations.

Change once, update everywhere

Say goodbye to manual data entry; Essential will update the data directly or give your team the tools to make 1 simple change that propagates everywhere.

Smart data fields to keep records clean

Capture property access information, services, and more in appropriate fields; no more long documentation to teach new hires how and where to add information into the system.

Get the full story whenever you need it

A timeline view of all events at the customer, property, and contact level shows the entire history of interaction with every person and place.

To get all this and more:

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“With Essential, customers are happier, employees are happier, and we are on track to have a record year."

"Working with Essential is like getting your own customized software at a tiny fraction of the price. We're looking forward to our long-term partnership with the company."

Roger Lu
Owner and General Manager, SAFCO
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